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One of the blackest marks of human history is the abuse of animals for circus shows. It was not just circus animals, many humans with some form of physical deformity were used in the circus and dubbed as freaks. But human rights activists came forward and stopped this atrocity towards human beings. However, animals were not considered for such rights. Circus animals continued to be tormented for a long time.

However, nowadays, people are becoming aware of animal rights. They are trying to bring a change in the past ways and slowly trying to bring ethical treatment towards animals into our ordinary lives. The result of this is that circus animals are slowly being banned in many countries all over the world. They have been treated unkindly for long but now, we are doing right by them.

In Denmark, the government wants to start the ban on wild animals performing in a circus. However, to make it happen, it has to bring a change in the existing circuses. That’s why, the government planned to buy the last four circus animals present in Denmark at the cost of 11 million kroner, which is equivalent to 1.6 million dollars. Mogens Jensen, the Food and Fisheries Minister, mentioned that we can expect a ban on wild animals later on this year in Denmark.

The four elephants who have been released are Lara, Ramboline, Jenny and Djunga. Of course, since they are circus animals, it would be difficult to get them into the wild so fast. They require time to adapt and quite probably, they will not be able to survive in the wild. Hence, they have set up a way in which these animals will be protected and taken care of by Animal Protection Denmark. This center is all for taking care of different animals, especially the ones who have been abused. The center is willing to accept applicants who can take their time to look after these mammals and pay for their welfare. As of now, there is no plan on how they are going to go about with these animals in the future.

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For Benny Berdino, the manager of Cirkus Arena, the retirement of the elephants was a tragic one. However, he believes that the sad goodbye was positive in the end since the elephants had a proper retirement. They had their spotlight moments and now, it was time to live their own life.

Circus elephants suffer badly in circus. Elephants are social animals and live in herds. Separating them and keeping them in cages is the worst kind of torture for them.

Thankfully, the Denmark government has taken the right decision for them. Maybe the imminent ban will soon be imposed and put an end to circus animal use and abuse completely.

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