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Deaf Baby Boy Hears Mother’s Voice For First Time, Speechless Reaction

They say your child’s first smiles are ‘the best’ but imagine watching your baby smile and knowing it’s because they can hear your voice. That alone is enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye – so good luck watching this:

Adorable Alex Denman was born partially deaf but became a viral sensation when his mum, Jen, from Liverpool, shared footage of her saying, ‘Hello, it’s mummy.’

And the tot’s response is the best. Thing. In. The. World. Legit.


As you can see in the clip, Alex immediately breaks out in a huge, wide smile. What is this kid doing to us?

Credit: Twitter/@AlderHey

It’s like he knows, isn’t it?

Jen appeared on ITV’s This Morning where she spoke about the magical moment, filmed in July, while baby Alex snuggled on her lap, and viewers took to Twitter to gush over the sweet five-month-old tot and his ‘adorable’ grin.


The initial clip of Alex was shared on social media by Alder Hey Hospital, where he underwent the procedure. It’s now been watched more than 830,000 times.

Credit: Twitter/@AlderHey

On Twitter, the hospital said: “Baby Alex was born with Bilateral Moderate Sensorineural hearing loss, making him almost deaf. This is the amazing moment he is fitted with his new hearing aids and hears his mummy’s voice clearly for the first time.”

Speaking on This Morning, Jen said that initially the video was meant for family and friends to show them their son’s reaction.


Jen and her partner, Paul Sang, said they were overwhelmed by the response.

As ITV presenters Gok Wan and Rylan Clark Neal gushed over Alex, viewers mirrored their reaction at home, taking to social media with their responses.

One wrote: “Ahhhhh how cute is little baby Alex… his little face when he hears his mum for the first time and how adorable is his little hair do.”


Credit: ITV/This Morning

Another added: “Aw aw aw Alex is so incredible, when he heard for the first time, and he couldn’t stop smiling, it was adorable.”

And a third commented: “That baby just chilling on their laps in front of all the cameras with no fuss is amazing.”

What a beautiful story.


Sources : LadBible

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@AlderHey

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