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Contemporary Ballet: A New Sensational Dance Form

One of the most prominent dance forms of today is contemporary ballet. This form of dance is at times referred to as the child of the dance forms, ballet as well as contemporary. This is because, it incorporates aspects of both the dance forms individually, giving rise to an amalgamated genre of dance. This unique blend has elements of both traditional and modern art.

If you look back at its history, contemporary ballet was first pioneered by George Balanchine. It is often described as a neoclassical form of ballet. However, mastering this form of art which is a mixture of two separate dance forms, require patience and intense body flexibility.

The given video is that of a pair who contested for the reality dance show, ‘World of Dance’.  The pair, Charity and Andres are practitioners of contemporary ballet and are quite good at it.

What is noticeable about the dance form is that, though it is a mixture of contemporary and ballet, it does not include a predominance of any one particular dance form. It is more of an easy blend of both. For instance, it includes the rule of keeping a pointed toe which is a well-known technique of ballet. By this, the dancer’s whole body is supported on the tips of his/her feet.


As far as incorporating contemporary modern art is concerned, it includes a smooth movement of the upper body and does not focus on rigid torso movements which is otherwise found in traditional ballet. It also includes quite a number of lifts and floor work. The ‘leap of faith’ is a consistent move of this dance form. For precision in this art, dancers need to have a proper training in classical ballet.

If you notice the costume of the dancers, the generic costume for ballet is not used. Neither are pointed ballet shoes used. Considering this to be a part of modern dance form as well, there is no such rigidity on costumes.

The dancers present in the video do not wear traditional costumes. Their dress code varies from flowy dresses to skin-fit pants. Also, the songs used as background music are not similar to the classical ballet songs. They include songs from normal music albums or movies.

Going back to the mentioned video, one can notice the transition of costumes as well. The dance form involves certain intimate steps between partners in order to bring in the feel and passion of the dance form. It ranges from the use of light music to rock music to classical soulful music.


There are several other reality shows which have also showcased similar talents. One of them is a performance by the duo Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester, on the song ‘Slip’ by Elliot Moss. The performance should not be held within any indoor auditorium with a stage. Rather, it is more of a live performance at a metro station.

Keeping in mind, that the costume is nothing extraordinary and is essentially simple, one can understand a rather simple venue rather than\ a grand opera. Though solo performances of this genre of dance dates back to the 1900’s, this has now turned into one of the most sensational and popular dance forms globally.


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