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Colorful Oil Paintings Capture the Beauty of Tranquil Water Lily Ponds


If you stop long enough to really observe nature, you’ll start to notice how bodies of water, land, and foliage interact together to exhibit a wider variety of hues than you might have imagined. Donna Young’s colorful oil paintings capture the vibrancy of water lily ponds, complete with mesmerizing ripples and sparkling reflections.

“When I put brush to canvas, I always begin anticipating a certain end result, but the outcome is usually far from what I set out to achieve,” reveals Young. “To me, this is not a failure, but rather letting the process unveil my inspiration.” The talented artist calls her paintings “reflections of [her] soul”—each stunning canvas is vibrant, yet peaceful. “To me, my pieces have a melody that sing in an array of colors with a spiritual feel,” says Young. “I believe in letting my work guide me and to accept the composition and colors that it demands to create a lasting piece of visual poetry.”


Young’s expressive brushstrokes perfectly capture how the sky, water, and the surrounding plant-life combine to create her tranquil scenes. Reminiscent of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, layers of oil paint are beautifully blended to depict how light dances on the water’s rippling surface, while the pond flowers, leaves, and reeds quietly float above.

Donna Young’s colorful oil paintings depict the beautiful vibrancy of water lily ponds.

She perfectly captures how the light dances on the water’s rippling surface.

Donna Young: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Photos via Donna Young.

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