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Watch The Magical Scottish Drummers Clanadonia Playing

Clanadonia is one of the best Scottish Tribal Drum and Pipes bands around, they are known for their very animated performances infused with the Celtic traditions of Scotland. This is noticeable from their clothing and the exclusive use of bag pipes and drums, although they occasionally include voices in some of their performances.

“Our music, our passion, our culture, our history, our people and our ancestral bloodlines are all bonded within our music…”

Clanadonia began as a close combat stunt crew for film and TV, they featured in numerous movies most notably – The New World, Gladiator, King Authur and Braveheart, before deciding to focus solely on recording their albums and refining their performances – characterized by a high energy, intense blend of tribal rhythms, bagpipes and a good dose of tartan clad mayhem.

According to the band their mission is to spread bagpipe and drum fuelled havoc amongst the general public throughout the known world and judging by feedback their music will never leave you once you hear them. In 2007 they released their first album “Keepin ‘it Tribal” which was well received by fans all over the word. Seven years later In October 2017, Clanadonia gave in to the overwhelming demand for more music from fans and released their second album ‘Keepin’ It Tribal 2′, which was also loved by fans who can’t get enough of the magical sounds the band makes.


Clanadonia have performed at big gigs like the Celtica Festival in Italy and were the opening act at Scotland’s “T in the Park”. Their record crowd was 69,000 spectators at Murrayfield Stadium for the Scotland v England rugby game. They also perform frequently at small gigs from private parties, corporate events and weddings to busking in the street corners and parks of cities of Scotland.

Clanadonia has become pretty popular online on Youtube and especially Flickr, there is hardly any other street act in Scotland that can get scores of shoppers and tourists to stop in tracks and take photos of them on their mobile phones or pocket cameras and upload the content online.

In early Feburary this year, the band announced via social media that they were in the midst of working on a new album and released a sample track from the album titled “Locheil” and fans cannot wait for more!

If you love the enchanting sound of the Pipes and the thrilling beat of tribal Drums then you are sure to love Clanadonia – a band of kilt wearing, drum thumping middle aged guys that will blow you away.


Clanadonia are in the midst of recording a new album,

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You can download music from Bandcamp : BandCamp Account

Street music has probably been around as long as there have been streets.


In most major cities around the world, you will find Street musicians at the corners of major city blocks, subway stations and often open spaces with a lot of crowd. Street performance also known as busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities.

Street music comes in all shapes and forms, it can be played, danced, acted, or sung. These performances can be fixed to a particular location within a street or have an unanchored location and can either be improvised or rehearsed ahead of time. It is beneficial to the society as Buskers normally attract the public to an area, which encourages people to visit and patronize stores, restaurants and businesses in the vicinity – creating a mutually beneficial commercial environment for everyone.

So next time you pass a saxophone player playing a jazz classic, or a guitarist playing a country song, Stop – Take a small break – and just listen to the music.
Sometimes simply acknowledging the presence of these performers makes all the difference.


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