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Challenge Yourself – It Will Help In Your Mental Evolution

mental evolution

As human beings, we are always growing up – in age and in wisdom. When we start as a baby, we don’t know anything about the world. We start learning using our sense organs and what we are shown by our parents. Slowly, we form letters with our mouths, words, and start understanding their meaning. We become more and more conscious. We develop the ability to judge and ponder abstract things like life and guilt. Eventually, we might even end up understanding life in a different way than our parents taught us. We develop a consciousness that might even find faults in the teachings of our parents.

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Challenging Ourselves Promotes Mental Evolution

inner evolution

In all these moments, what has been kept true is our mental evolution. It has been the constant that has kept working to keep our minds active. Mental evolution only happens if we challenge ourselves. If we did not challenge our tongue to speak up, it would never have formed words. If we did not challenge our brain to understand the meanings of the words, then we would have spoken incoherent terms. Our entire world is based on how we perceive and challenge ourselves. Similarly, when we grow up, our mental evolution is partly based on challenging our previous beliefs – the beliefs that our parents taught us and judging them. Challenges help with our mental evolution.


We grow mentally because we respond to changes. As human beings, we need to change our ways. We need to evolve. We can’t stay a child forever. As we grow up, we need to adapt to the changes around us – changes happening within us. When the books start to get thicker, we need to understand what time management is. When we enter a job, we need to know what professionalism is. In a job, we cannot stop and joke about something unprofessional. Every place needs a decorum – a way of conducting oneself.

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Repeating Keeps Us Back

If we don’t change, we just repeat. We repeat the mistakes that we may have once done as a child. We repeat the same way that we have dealt with a problem and failed, without learning anything. Repeating is like walking down the same road again and again. Walking in circles. It does not really get us anywhere – it is just an illusion of motion that we trap ourselves in.  

Change is inevitable, we can’t stop it. Presenting challenges is the way of nature and our own mind to engage in mental evolution. Finally, the question remains – are you ready to evolve or are you going to succumb to an age of constant repetition?


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