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Baker Pokes Fun At Netizens After Baking A Toilet Paper Cake That Is Exactly What You Think It Is

The funniest part about this time would be people buying toilet rolls in bulks. We don’t know how it would actually…

1 week ago

These 20 Images Will Make You ROFL!

The internet has been the best and the worst thing that ever happened to us, am I right? You could…

1 month ago

Oops! These Pets Were Caught Red-Handed And Their Reactions Are So Funny!

After a long tiring day at the office, the last thing anyone wants is to return to a messy home.…

1 month ago

Let’s Change LMAO To BATMN!

Instead of LMAO or LOL, I'm gonna start using BATMN (blew air through my nose) because that's what I really…

3 months ago

Ignorant Robbers Tried To Siphon Fuel From Bus But Ending Up Sucking Sh*t!

No that's not a clickbait! It's true! Australia is known for some of the wackiest stuff on earth. Be it…

5 months ago

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