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A Barge Used For Scooping 50 Tons Of Plastic Waste From Rivers Can Be An Answer To Our Plastic Pollution Problems

Plastic pollution is a menace and it is contaminating our world from every corner imaginable. We may not have realized…

4 weeks ago

The Danish Capital Copenhagen To Have Communal Trees Adorning The Roads

The Danish government recently passed a rule that announced that Copenhagen would soon have communal trees lining the roads. This…

4 weeks ago

These 15 Lost Nature Words Will Re-Ignite The Native Love For Nature Present Within All Of Us

Languages shape the way we see the world around us. It seems to be a topic of contention, but many…

4 weeks ago

AR-Integrated Smart Contact Lenses Can Connect With Your Phone So That You Can See The Messages At A Glance

We have smartwatches, smartphones, and even smart lights these days. Now, it’s time for smart contact lenses too. A startup…

4 weeks ago

In Today’s World, Fake Is The New Real

In the era of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, most of the things are fake. From fake vacation pictures to pretentious…

1 month ago

Fake Friends Are Worse Than Foes, Stay Away From Them

“Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly” - Do you think the Bard was too bitter when he wrote…

1 month ago

Divers Helped This Octopus Find A New Home And Escape The Plastic Disposable Cup

Coconut octopuses are known for using various items as their home. This tiny one had made a disposable cup as…

1 month ago

Tigress Spotted With Her Cubs – A Motivating Sign Of The Tiger Population Growth In India

The recently conducted census to know the tiger population has brought forth good news. It is a sign of the…

1 month ago

A New Hope To Australia Rises As Green Sprouts Burst Out Of The Burnt Down Forests

The darkest moments appear before there is a glimmer of light. You might have seen variations of such a quote…

2 months ago

It’s Time That We Bring Justice To The Ones Who Strewn Our Streets With Trash

Imagine one day, you are leaving your lovely homeland. It would be quite a sad affair. You drive down the…

2 months ago

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