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Art For Therapy’s Sake

All of us have admired the myth of the tortured artist at some point in time. Have you not been…

4 weeks ago

Inner Peace Can Lead You Down The Road Of Success

Inner peace - we have all heard about it. All of us strive towards it. It becomes more and more…

1 month ago

The Monotony Of Life- A Terrifying Nightmare

I wake up in cold sweat as the clock strikes 6 am. The same old day- the same old monotony…

1 month ago

Peaceful Memories- Beauty In Serenity

I remember being a tiny 7-year-old kid who had gone to visit the country on one of my vacations. Trust…

1 month ago

I Am Living In My Fantasies

Sometimes I am the person who is considered so wise that people want me to be the President. At other…

1 month ago

Beauty Is Not Worn But Shown

My father taught me to admire scars when I was younger. Heroes are made of wounds. There is courage in…

1 month ago

Your Memory Could Be Your Enemy

Life will keep throwing challenges at us and to keep living we will have to keep tackling them. Bad boss?…

1 month ago

The Joy Of Giving

My 90-year-old grandmother, who gets medical reports equivalent to A+ every time she gives a test has only one piece…

1 month ago

The Smallest Things In Life Matter More When Someone Makes It A Point To Remember Them

I have always found it rather easy to remember the big things, the big events in someone’s life. In fact,…

1 month ago

Silence Is Best Broken Before Someone Who Understands The Value Of Silence

I am not much of a speaker. I like listening more than speaking, but then I get into these frenzies…

1 month ago

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