The Emotions A Shelter Dog Goes Through After They Are Adopted Are Endearing

I recently adopted a Labrador from one of the many shelter homes in my city. She is a gorgeous two-month-old…

1 week ago

A Hero Border Collie Saved A Flock Of Sheep From Fire In Australia

As Australia burns, there are many people who are coming forward to help the animals and firefighters to control the…

2 weeks ago

Divers Helped This Octopus Find A New Home And Escape The Plastic Disposable Cup

Coconut octopuses are known for using various items as their home. This tiny one had made a disposable cup as…

2 weeks ago

Tigress Spotted With Her Cubs – A Motivating Sign Of The Tiger Population Growth In India

The recently conducted census to know the tiger population has brought forth good news. It is a sign of the…

2 weeks ago

This Wildlife Photographer Talks To Cheetahs And Makes Them His Friends

Wildlife is a fascinating place. Once upon a time, we were afraid of the wild. It was a place where…

2 weeks ago

Police Found A Parrot Screaming For Help In Florida

A battalion of knights in their shining armor reached the mountain castle to rescue the princess screaming for help from…

2 weeks ago

A Video Of Two Koala-Saving Cousins Trying To Save Seriously Injured Koalas From Burn Sites Has Captured The Heart Of The Internet

The Australian bushfires are not showing any signs of stopping. As ecologists have suggested, the massive wildlife loss will tip…

2 weeks ago

A Golden Retriever Saved A Baby Koala From Sure Death And Became Uncanny Friends

Australia - the land where the wilderness and the human civilization meet. You know Australia as the Land Down Under…

3 weeks ago

Bottlenose Dolphin Mother Adopted A Melon-Headed Whale And Lived Together For 3 Years!

Bottlenose dolphins are known to stay with their young ones for as long as six years. They make great moms…

1 month ago

Holy Cow! Russian Cows Will Now Get VR Headsets To Keep Calm And Produce Greater Quality Of Milk

The dairy industry has been mechanized for quite some time now, just like all other industries. But what if we…

2 months ago

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