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Cat Reactions – Cat Face 2

Cats don’t like nasty surprises and this is seen in the face of the ones in the picture.

They think that they are the sole custodians of their cattiness and they don’t want to share it.

The relaxed and laid back feeling when the owner picks them up gets transformed the moment the cats look up and see the face of the person they are holding. They suddenly freeze in fear.

Their eyes are a mixture of surprise and fear as they try to make sense of the large cat holding them. We can only imagine the next reaction as they try to tear away from the cat woman who seems to have evil motives.


Cat woman has just the sinister look in her eyes that would make any person go cold in fear. What witch-like concoction is she making?

They face of the grey cat is particularly endearing with the crosseyes. He even dreads looking full in the face of the person holding him. He is looking around ready to escape at the opportune moment. 

White cat, on the other hand, seems to have resigned himself to his fate. He knows that he is at the mercy of the cat woman and is too frozen to react. They both realize that is in the presence of a giant version of their spitefulness.

All in all, if you are a cat person, this GIF is set to make you laugh out loud.


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Mayukh Saha

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