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Cat Face – Cat Reactions while watching Phone !


Many of us love cats. But imagine how our cats would feel like if we became the cats in front of them. That would be a surprise, right?

Well, in the recent internet world where many people are using filters to represent themselves as animals – it does not seem like something impossible.

Well, some cat owners tried to trick their cats into seeing their owners as… well, cats. And the reactions of these cats are just priceless.


The first cat, once it saw its owner in the cat mask, made its eyes larger. It couldn’t believe the transformation.

Another cat had its owner transform into a cat mask. It seems like the cat is too scared to look at the owner and so, it’s just turning its eyes towards the owner with fear.

The white cat can’t believe that its beloved owner has transformed into something else. The cat had to look up to see its owner twice and thrice, not believing its eyes even once.


The last cat has the best reaction – it just jumped in fear when it saw that the owner was a cat like itself. It just wanted to free itself from the owner’s clasp.

Well, it seems like cats do not like it very much when their owners transform themselves into cats. Maybe we should be wary of it and not give them a small heart attack. 

On the other hand, the GIF itself is a great one and will make you go LOL.

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