Boy Let’s Hairstylist Girlfriend Do Whatever She Wanted To With His Hair, and The Results Are Fascinating

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This present situation has been a difficult time for all of us, especially those who need to work to survive. Spending the entire day at home can be fun for introverts, but extroverts need to find some way of dealing with the government ascribed house arrest. There is a silver lining to all these as relationships have improved. People have been talking to each other, spending time with each other. And in certain cases, a man has also let his hairstylist girlfriend style his hair in a thousand and one ways.

Atlanta’s Heidi Lee Oley knows how tough it is to stay cooped up in a small cabin, but she has her boyfriend Geoff around. And this quarantine season has brought them much closer than ever. Heidi has started styling Geoff’s hair every single day, and we can tell you- it looks fascinating.

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Interestingly, what caught Heidi’s attention in the first place was Geoff’s hair. Geoff, who is a software engineer, was really accommodating of all the styles Heidi put him through. After the picture was uploaded on various forums on Facebook, it simply went viral. And let’s just agree, the photos are beautiful.


Heidi mentions that she kept up with the project after the initial few pictures because of the love that was being poured from all directions. In the hair styling industry, nothing is permanent or fixed. One never knows when the next client will come, or when one will get paid in this business. Therefore, most of the people work for the praise and recognition they get.


Apparently, this has been a couple’s activity for them for as long as they can remember. She likes his hair, and Geoff likes his hair played with- so everyone’s a winner. And since his hair is so amazing, she can easily make do with normal grocery equipment and a curling iron.


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The couple have an interesting chemistry together. Heidi is more of a hair colorist, so styling the hair in different formats is quite out of her comfort zone. And what can we say, maybe this season is actually helping her learn new skills.


As far as Geoff is concerned, he is content with letting his hairstylist girlfriend do whatever she wants to with his hair.

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