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Bone Marrow Donor Meets Recipient After 3 Years Of Surgery: This Video Will Break Your Heart

It is not easy to live with any disease, be it small or big. However, when it’s a big disease such as cancer, things can get daunting and scary for anyone.

This happened with a girl named Adriana. At 4 years of age, she was diagnosed with leukemia and unfortunately, none of the treatments her family tried worked. Her only resort was a bone marrow transplant.

While Adriana’s parents waited for a donor, so did she, however, they didn’t know that their lives are going to changed forever because of a man they had never met before.

Adriana was on the donor recipient list, whereas, Mike signed up as a donor. They had no idea their worlds are going to meet and in a way that nobody can imagine.


It turned out that Mike Laureano, a specialist at the Army, who completed 8 years with the National Guard and then a tour duty in Iraq, enrolled at the Wilmington University for further studies. While going to class, he came across the Be The Match counter that allowed people to sign up as donors.

Laureano didn’t know much about the organization or being a donor, but he still signed up.

Be The Match manages the biggest and most diverse narrow registry in the world. It is for the patients diagnosed with leukemia and other diseases, bone marrow or even cord blood transplants. Be The Match remains the best cure for people looking for a cure.

After one year of registering as a donor, Mike got a call that he has matched as a donor for a 3-year girl battling leukemia. He thought, if he matched, it must’ve happened for a reason.


Mike was positive and he went ahead with the surgery. He still didn’t know who the girl was that he was donating for.

As per regulations and policies, donors and recipients cannot meet or contact one year after the surgery. After one year, they can share their contact information or maybe send cards. It takes some time after they can visit one another or have an in-person exchange.

Years went by and one day, Mike received a Facebook message from Adriana’s mom that she would want to meet Mike. Mike agreed. This, however, happened three years after he donated.

Mike Laureano met Adriana 3 years after the surgery.  As they met, emotions poured in from all corners. It was too heart breaking and too emotional. In fact, the whole story was.


If nothing else, this story shows us the power of trust, values, honesty and most importantly, GOOD WILL. If this video doesn’t shake your emotions, I don’t know what will.

Watch the full video here:


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