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Is Michael Jackson Back? Watch This Romanian Singer Perfectly Impersonating MJ’s Voice – Blind Auditions

The latest season of the most brilliant reality show on television, The Voice of Romania, is back! The 2018 season has kicked off with the first round of selections, the blind auditions.

With thousands and thousands of aspiring artists swarming in to prove their mettle, they would have to face the four renowned celebrity judges Smiley, Andra, Irina Rimes and Tudor Chirila. In these blind auditions, the participants will have to put up their best performance as the judges will decide in those few minutes whether they want them in their team or not.

It’s do or die for all of them and with the pressure soaring high, the show has the audience on the edge. Several amazing singers have been discovered over the years in this show but this year has already witnessed one of the best and most stunning performances ever. Yet, when Bogdan Ioan walked on stage for his audition, no one was prepared for the earth shattering performance that shook everyone to their core.


As he started crooning Michael Jackson’s legendary song, Earth song, the audience as well as the judges, collectively lost their minds. People could not believe that a voice as ethereal as his actually exists.

Watch Full Performance here :

It felt like an angel had dropped in from the Heaven to serenade us. Moreover the performance was so perfect and reminded so much of MJ that the emotions were running high. No one was spared from the feels as they got nostalgic about the King of Pop.


As soon as he started singing, one of the judges immediately pressed the button, selecting him for her team while the other judges were too shocked to respond. They could not control themselves as they got out of their seats and jumped around in crazed delight. A voice that melodious and other worldly gave them goosebumps.

They trembled with happiness and passion while another judge ran to the stage to bow down in front of Bogdan out of absolute admiration and respect, all while Bogdan continued to belt out the lyrics of this wildly popular song completely in tune and overflowing with emotions.

While the crowd around him failed to keep calm, Bogdan enjoyed every bit of the attention. He smiled throughout his performance, singing his heart out on the stage like he owned it, and he surely did! As he hit all the difficult notes with perfection the audience fell in love with him even more and he will surely become one of the most favourite contestants this season. We can’t wait to hear more of his insanely amazing voice! All the best Bogdan!



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