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Best Gym Companion

Here are some words of wisdom for you: It takes some seriously strong motivation followed by reason followed by desperation to keep going to the gym. Period.

Now if you believe you lack any of those, then read this again on your third continuous day of working out in the gym.

What might make this easier? Thankfully having gym trainer creates an additional mental pressure on you to show up at the gym. Especially if you find that trainer adorable, you want to spend more time with them.

And who can be more adorable than the fluffy four-legged doggy that has learned to hold an entire class in its plush paws? Just look at him go.


Bend and roll and jump. He does not miss.

He does it right on time with the class and the class could not get enough of him. I bet they want to come to the gym every day and learn more from this trainer.

The best part, you might get to pet him if you do well. Now that is the cherry on the top.

The people love him. And the gym manager has done a good job of developing this kind of atmosphere. The trainer here is one dedicated good boy.


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