Beauty Is Not Worn But Shown

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My father taught me to admire scars when I was younger. Heroes are made of wounds. There is courage in scars. My mother taught me to appreciate imperfection as I was growing up. Working endlessly erodes the skin and health. There is sacrifice in imperfection. It is not how we appear that makes us beautiful, it is how we act. Beauty is not worn, it’s shown.

Spending Hours Chasing The Perfect Look Does Not Make You Better

Do not waste your time trying to wear your beauty. Who you are is a reflexion of your soul. If you are too much into your appearance then you could come across as vain. Let your work speak for itself. No one likes an empty shell. Grow better as a person and you would not have to chase perfection anymore. Abilities are not accessories. They are not worn. They are won.

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Earning Medals And Letting Them Rust Is Not Pretty

Instead of focusing on attracting things to you, if you focus on keeping and nurturing what you have, then your qualities will blossom beautifully. Achievement is not momentary. It is hard-earned and harder still to keep. Worthiness is not worn. And if it wears down, then it was never worthy. You are not entitled to your achievements once you stop being worthy of them.


Judging Superficially Is Not Fair

No one likes to be judged unfairly. And not everyone has a shoe for every outfit and every occasion. That does not mean they are careless or disorganized. There is much more that defines a responsible and creative person that neither begins nor ends with how they look. Your beauty is not an impression made by what you carry but how you carry it.

Moon Shines With Borrowed Light, It Does Not Glow

Do not follow the styles of icons and believe you are as good as them. You would probably not be picked over them. There is no such thing as a worthy substitute. Be your own person. Let your own qualities show. Become your own icon. Starlight is not worn. It comes out from within. And it lights up all things around itself.

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To Think Ugly Is To Be Ugly

If you think of others as less and flawed then the biggest flaw lies in you. And if you think the best of others then it is because you are a better person than you give yourself credit for. You can choose how you look at the world- judging like a shrew or embracing like a fairy- because how you see the world will define how you appear before it. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Concern yourself over things that matter- the things that last long after physical beauty is gone.

Mayukh Saha

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