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Be Teachable !

If you want to succeed in today’s competitive world then you must be having a teachable attitude. Being arrogant about your limited knowledge wouldn’t help you anywhere. Rather you’ve to accept every opportunity you get to increase your knowledge and skills.

What Is The Meaning Of Being Teachable?

It is a skill that you can adopt over a certain period. Whether you were innately teachable or not matters less. It includes your ability to be up-to-date with the latest information in your field of work or study. Also how well you can gel with the latest technology coming up in your area of interest is important.

All this will not only help you take your game a level higher but also maintain that success. It will keep you happier and more satisfied.

How To Gain A Teachable Attitude?

One thing you must do is to measure your current teachable index. Track your daily learning patterns, see if you’re learning new things or not. See if you’re becoming better or worse or are remaining the same at each of your skill sets.


teachable attitude

Another thing that helps is to keep the company of people having a teachable attitude. At the same time, get rid of people who are not making any positive changes in your attitude and are instead pulling you down.

Reading is a habit you should embrace. Books are one’s best friend as they teach you what others have experienced in their lives. Not everything can be learned on our own, so we need to rely on others’ experiences as well. Read about people who are better than you in your field. It will not only provide you with more knowledge but also motivate you to be the best.

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Criticism is not always bad; use it to your advantage. If someone gives constructive criticism of your work, accept it. But make sure that you reflect upon it; think why the other person said what they said. It will help you improve yourself. Admit to yourself that you did wrong. It’s not shameful to accept your faults; rather it helps you clear the vision for a successful future.

Have A Teachable Attitude And Be Successful

Remember that learning is a lifetime process, it never stops. If you want to keep growing constantly then you must have an open mind. Make learning more exciting and look forward to every opportunity to learn. All successful people have achieved great milestones only because of their high learning ability.

You too can be one of those successful people if only you consciously keep a teachable attitude. Believe us, it is the key to success!


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