Baker Pokes Fun At Netizens After Baking A Toilet Paper Cake That Is Exactly What You Think It Is

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The funniest part about this time would be people buying toilet rolls in bulks. We don’t know how it would actually help them fight, but there’s no place for judgment in a society that is panic-stricken. But this baker has no such qualms about that- something we can all agree to see his toilet paper cake.

Ben Cullen is an English baker who saw the humor in the mad scramble for toilet paper and dedicated a cake to it.

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At a glance, this looks like a simple, lone piece of toilet paper along with the cardboard for support. It is begging to be used, to be dumped and flushed. It’s life’s journey done, it can peacefully exeunt in the afterlife.

Well, this is a cake. And no, we are not messing with you. This is meant to be eaten and not used. Well, you can use it but you wouldn’t like what happens next.


And as you can guess already, this cake fooled a lot of people on the net. One Instagrammer wrote, “Yo. First of all I didn’t know who’s pic I was seeing at first so I thought someone was posting a pic of their last roll or something. I was confused, it looks so detailed.”

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Well, we can say one thing though- the world needs more cakes than toiler papers. But lest we forget, stay safe people, wash your hands, and enjoy these pictures of toilet paper cake.

Images Credit: the_bakeking

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