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Australian Wildfires Turn The New Year Sky Into Aboriginal Flag – “Ancestors Are Saying Something”, Claims A Facebook User

Australia is on fire. The repeated wildfires that wreak havoc on the Australian continent is something we have not seen before in modern history.

The fires grow stronger and more relentless with every passing day. News of death and loss are flowing from Australia every hour. It has been like this since September and it is not showing any signs of stopping. 

As of Saturday, the news has claimed that there have been at least 23 casualties. But that is just a minute number when you consider the nearly 500 million mammals, birds, and reptiles that may have been killed, according to estimations. This includes the endangered koalas too. While the actual number is hard to determine, it is possible that around  8,000 koalas may have died in the wildfires. More than 12 million acres of land has been swallowed by the Australian wildfires. It does not really matter if you are not from Australia – these numbers are really devastating for anyone. Australia is a place where there are several animals endemic to the landscape, like the koala which can only be found in Australia. If the numbers are right, then these wildfires can tilt the entire ecological balance between plants and animals.

But maybe these terrible wildfires are showing us something? Maybe – it is karmic retribution against a historical wrong.


Does this picture remind you of anything?It was taken a few minutes after sunrise on Jan 1st by the mouth of the…

Posted by ABC Melbourne on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Recent photographs of Australia emerging from the land Down Under shows the haunting skies – resembling the Australian Aboriginal Flag. Rose Fletcher, a southern Australian resident captured the New Year’s Day sun at Victor Harbour looking exactly like the flag – the layered sky was black on top, red at the bottom and the sun rested in the middle. While taking the shot, a whole layer of smoke was drifting across the Southen Ocean. Almost in a state of despair, Rose clicked the shot. Under the covers of the thick smoke, the rising sun was looking like a pale disc – but once, for a few seconds, the sun revealed itself in all its glory. It was then that the Aboriginal flag became prominent in the sky.


The rising sun behind all that smoke seems to be recalling the era when this country was truly loved and respected. 🙁

Posted by Rose Fletcher on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

As per the Australian Museum, the Australian Aboriginal Flag is divided horizontally into two halves – the top is black, the bottom red, and there is a yellow circle present in the middle. The black is representative of the indigenous people of Australia and the red is representative of the relationship that the indigenous people have with our Earth. The ochre tone present in the bottom red layer represents the natural red clay which is used in Aboriginal ceremonies. In the middle is the sun – representing the source of renewal of our Earth.


Rose knew that this image was a powerful and haunting one – both in terms of historical and spiritual value. She posted the image on Facebook and let everyone share it. Rosa did not want any copyright of it. She just wanted people to share and write about it.

And people did. From newspapers to social media, everyone shared the image and it spread out all over the internet. There was a haunting sensation of guilt, fear, and retribution that emerged after witnessing the Aboriginal Flag in the sky. A Facebook user hinted that this indicates that our ancestors are trying to say something to us. For some, the message is clear. When the Aboriginals populated Australia, they took care of the land that they lived on. But the modern society has failed to do that.

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The persistent Australian wildfires are the terrible outcome of that failure. Maybe we should have learned the bush management techniques of Australian Aboriginals and not kill them off to satisfy colonial desires.

While Rose is happy that her picture has resonated with the people on the internet, she, like everyone else, wishes the wildfires to stop soon. We can only pray for it – #PrayforAustralia.

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