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Artist Elspeth McLean Paints Ocean Stones Like Mesmerizing Mandalas

Colors and geometric shapes are the most fascinating things we encountered as kids. Artist Elspeth McLean found a way to turn this fascination into marketable products. As a kid in Australia, she had been incredibly creative. But her artistic skills were honed over her journey around the world before she settled in Canada with her husband.

Elspeth is one of those artists who love bright colors (who doesn’t?). She has a degree in art therapy. Her creations are funny, colorful, and bright. They are filled with positivity. They make you feel like they are a spot of brightness in a dull world.


But her most popular creation (the ones that go out of stock real soon) are ocean stones with colorful mandalas on them. The circles drawn on the round stones give it a lively effect. Placed next to each other, the stones are like an explosion of colors.

In 2015, after the stones were “discovered” by the internet community, Elspeth McLean hasn’t looked back. She could live on what she earned. After 10 years of struggling, she finally found the financial independence that she had been looking for.


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The stones are also available painted like constellations and other patterns. They are available on her website. You could use them in potpourris or in any arrangement that suits you. The colors allow you to get creative with the decor.

Elspeth McLean believes that there is a right stone for everyone. But you must pick and purchase soon as they sell out quite fast. And just in case you wish to ensure that your perfect stone does not get sold out, McLean insists that you purchase immediately.


You can also buy her book here and read all about her journey. Explore with her the beautiful canvas of her struggles and accolades. Know how she brought her life, her love, her colors, and her brushes together.

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