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We have always tried to capture the beauty of nature in some way or another. Sometimes we painted them on canvass in different styles and shades.

Then, we captured them on photographs. Now with the internet we can click pictures instantly, edit the unnecessary parts and share it with our friends at the click of our fingers. It’s just getting better and better.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were able to capture nature on clothes? Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, we humans are notorious for breaking limits and this video does the same. Embroidery has advanced – now, a genius can even plant nature onto embroidery with ease.

Imagine what could be placed on a little embroidery?

A cloud bursting above a sea of red tulips? Yes, you got it right here. And the clouds are not even on the cloth – it’s bursting out of the picture and you can touch the fluff if you want to. It’s like a 3D painting – but this time, you can see, touch, feel, and be engrossed in the beauty of it. Within the small circumference of the hoop, the artist has captured all of nature, with just colorful threads! Now, isn’t it something that’s going to make anyone go ‘WOW’!

And how did the artist go about doing it?

It’s simple – by sheer hard work, and of course, an artist’s imagination. Her Instagram goes by the name Shimunia. Sometimes you could see her needle pass through the embroidery for a final touch and there you have it – an explosion of purple and white clouds cast above hills and valleys and a meadow of flowers, with a silent river passing through them. Yes, all of it in one single embroidery. Don’t believe me – watch it for yourself and be amazed.

Some of them are just created to blow your mind! In short pauses, the artist reveals the sun at the horizon and the final rays of the sun set on the stable sea, all of it captured on fabric. In one of the pieces, the sun glares through the forests and the clouds and the rivers hurtle towards us, as if it’s trying to come out of the picture. The more you look, the more you feel like you’re in a strange conflux of nature! It’ll just make you want to touch it – be a part of it.

Impressionism by the thread

Actually, that’s what it’s all about. Most of them look like impressionist pieces set on a canvass of fabric made to tickle your senses. Look out for the one where the blue moon glows against black clouds and cast its light on the millions of red flowers on the ground. And then there’s the one where the purple clouds swallow the top of the mountains as they stand behind the yellow trees.

The colors are varied but applied in such a way that they all sit together and bring out the artist’s imagination perfectly. You can see that from the one where the sun’s glowing in between purple-white clouds and the purple-pink surface – all of it trying to come out of the painting into life. The final one is just romantic – two trees standing boasting their autumn-red leaves, within a storm of colors flooding all around them. It’s bright, sad and beautiful – a message of hope, I believe.

I couldn’t really believe my eyes when I saw the explosion of colors and the impressionist genius in these paintings. Really, what could a single artist do? Watch this video and witness the miracle of human genius.




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