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AR-Integrated Smart Contact Lenses Can Connect With Your Phone So That You Can See The Messages At A Glance

We have smartwatches, smartphones, and even smart lights these days. Now, it’s time for smart contact lenses too. A startup in the US has brought out a smart contact lens with augmented reality (AR). It can be used every day and the embedded display in it can be activated with our eyes. It is called Mojo Lens and it is being said to be the world’s true smart contact lens. Mojo Vision has developed it. It’s a California based company that wants to limit your dependence on tablet screens and phone screens. So, now, as a user, you don’t have to pull out your phone to check the message. You can get it directly on your eyes. Just looking at a corner of your eye will cause the messages to become visible.

smart contact lenses

The lens will be connected to the internet. So, you can get access to anything from a nearby cafe to your message – like a sci-fi movie! The chief technology officer and co-founder of Mojo Vision, Mike Wiemer says: “We want to create a technology that lets you be you, lets you look like you; it doesn’t change your appearance; it doesn’t make you act weird walking down the street.”

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It’s quite discreet too, which is great. Neck-straining is a problem with modern mobile phones and these AR-enabled smart contact lenses can be a way out of it. AR can be a great thing – however, they often look awkward. Case in point – the AR headsets. But this lens can be a great find – clutter-free and realistic. Mojo seems to spearhead the concept of Invisible Computing.

MOJO lenses

Mojo Lens has used unique microelectronics and the densest microdisplay, with 14,000-pixels per inch resolution. The embedded display looks like an ink dot. Looking through this lens would not cause any disturbance to the user. If you want to see the messages, you have to move your eye to any of the corners in your range of vision and it will pop-up on the screen with all the icons like weather, notifications, and music. You can expand them by gazing at the arrow beside the icons.



smart lens

The scrolling speed is also kept at the minimal like a teleprompter so you won’t find it a hassle. So, if you are to deliver a lecture or conduct a conference, you can keep your eyes on the audience while reading through the AR smart contact lenses. As of now, the power is received from the wrist wearable, but the commercial version will have smartphone compatibility. The company will also get authorization from the FDA to pass all the necessary safety regulations. According to Wiemer, it is just light falling on your retina. They have taken care of the safety and they are not worried about it.

AR lenses

The target audiences for this wonderful smart contact lenses are the CEOs busy to even lift their phone and the visually impaired who do not have glasses because their vision is just too poor.


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The company has also come in partnership with Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired which tries to rehabilitate over 3,000 adults and children every year. The tech is now in the R&D stage but companies like LG, Motorola, and HP are investing in it.

Maybe it will be truly a groundbreaking event revolutionizing the world.

All images: Mojo vision


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