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Appearances Can Be Deceptive, Contestant Stuns Judges After Initial Stage Fright

How many times have we come across a particular scenario that makes us disbelieve every notion that we have come across till date? How many times, in our own blinded notion of what is truth, and what is not, have we made a biased assumption about someone, before giving them a chance to prove their worth? We, as humans, are susceptible to this folly. This is a fault in our stars if you will. But, just accepting the notion of being a biased, judgmental prick, is also not correct.

Fate always has a method of showing us how, and why we go wrong, in so many other ways. Keep in mind the adage, “Appearances can be deceptive”. For they are. We look at someone, and decide what their worth is. What if they end us surprising us? Would we be willing to acknowledge the fact that we were wrong, sometime back? No. But, we need to. Just like all that glitters isn’t gold, similarly, all that doesn’t glitter can be gold too.

What we have to see is that we don’t discriminate against someone solely because we assumed something about them before getting to know them completely. This would be nothing short of blasphemy, and could possibly spell ruin for the other person.

This video gives an example which further strengthens the above mentioned proverb. It shows one of the audition videos of the reality show, The X Factor. The episode telecasts the audition of a particular contestant who is quite nervous due to stage fright and ends up stammering. Despite the constant persuasion by the judges, he was unable to do it at first. However, they did not lose hope and gave it a shot. They were not proved wrong though for what they saw was incredible. The guy who was stammering due to extensive stage fright, ended up singing one of the best songs named ‘Lose Yourself’, composed by the American rapper and songwriter, Eminem. The judges as well as the audience were not only amazed, but also happy to see how talented the guy was, in spite of his disability.


This video serves to show how people are generally mistaken and ignored due to a certain frailty presented from outside. No matter how disapproving a person or thing might seem to look, it is necessary to look out into the deeper layers for a better understanding. This does not just give the people who are judged a better opportunity to show their real self and prove their worth but also lets the onlookers, go for better people.

Here You Can Watch Another Interpretation :

Thus, it is high time for all to remember that the sign of prudency is not in forming abrupt conclusions. Rather, it depends on how long you take to analyze and understand a person and then create your opinions based on those insights. Observations based on exterior appearances are always deceptive and should be avoided by all means. This also marks you as a generous and wise person who is not mislead by a person’s mien.


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