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A Video Of Two Koala-Saving Cousins Trying To Save Seriously Injured Koalas From Burn Sites Has Captured The Heart Of The Internet

The Australian bushfires are not showing any signs of stopping. As ecologists have suggested, the massive wildlife loss will tip the ecological balance in the future. A few ecologists are also suggesting that the koala population has become functionally extinct. If you have watched the news, you may have realized that the Koala population has been hit the hardest during these bushfires. Since Koalas are endemic to Australia, it is definitely something to worry about. 

However, a video surfaced on Reddit which brings back some hope in the rescue attempts of the koala population. In the video, two cousins are seen traveling through the fire-stricken areas and on their way, they are picking up injured koalas and trying to save them. These koala-saving cousins are really making a positive mark in the world and have taken a spot in the hearts of the concerned internet. The video has been taken in Kangaroo Island, a famous place, which is compared to the popular Galapagos Islands. There is a lot of rich biodiversity in that area.

But unfortunately, Kangaroo Island has been almost destroyed by the bushfires. 20,000 or more koalas have died. Once, this island housed around 50,000 koalas. However, the koala-saving cousins tried to make sure that at least a few of them are kept safe and secure. The koala-saving cousins are quite young too – Micah is 19 years old and Caleb is just 18. It is difficult to say how many koalas they might have rescued but it looks like it can be about 20. Quite a lot for the two koala-saving cousins. 6 of these rescued animals have become orphans while two were mothers with their children.


The koala-saving cousins are also planning to care for these animals until they are fit to be re-introduced to the wild. The koala-saving cousins are not planning to take them out of the wild since the wild needs the koalas, now more than ever.

Well, it is obvious that the koala-saving cousins could not save all the injured animals. They had decided to take care of the ones who were most injured. The koalas which looked okay and could fend for themselves were left behind. As a screening process, they checked if the koala was mature, did not have any burns and had a quick reaction time. If they were able to do all these, they were left behind. There were more vulnerable ones who needed immediate assistance.

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However, the koala-saving cousins had witnessed the fire and the death of the koalas almost first-hand. According to their account, 60% of the koalas had burned to death. A fifth of the koalas rescued by them also died within the first day of injury.


But still, the koala-saving cousins tried to make a difference. The Reddit caption said:  “Amid the terrible bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could. Good on ’em.”

That was true indeed.

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