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A Malaysian Street Singer Gets A Strange Audience – 4 Little Kittens


There are many people in this world who wish to be artists. Rather, they already are artists in their own eyes and in their friends’ eyes. But they have not been recognized by the world yet. Due to their ill-luck, they fail to come forward and claim the spotlight. They always remain behind – loitering in the dark side of the spotlight. Street singers face this problem a lot.

Being a street singer is a life of constant struggles and hardships. They sit at a street corner, keep their guitar on their lap, and start to pluck away. The mesmerizing tune floats across the street and enthralled people crowd around the singer. A few generous ones may even give a few pennies and dollars to the singer as a way of appreciation. It doesn’t matter how much you give them. For a singer, the money doesn’t matter – for them, their ability to enchant people and make them stand around them is all it takes.


But such a scene could have been common back in the 80s. In recent times, life has become stressful and no one has the time to wait and listen to a singer. Most of the time, the singer continues to sing in their melodious voice for the whole night, straining their vocal cords but none are there to listen to them. People are just too busy.

That’s what this Malaysian street singer faced. He was confident that the power of his voice will draw many people towards him. But he overestimated the ‘aesthetic pleasures’ of the public nowadays. As he sat there singing and stringing on his guitar, he saw the people pass by. None of them noticed this man trying to please the crowd. They just walked past.


Imagine the feeling of this busker. He must have felt like a leftover lying on the road.

But then, something changed. When the busker looked up, he saw a strange audience forming in front of him. 4 kittens, each of about 3 months of age, were crowding before this person. They just sat before the Malaysian street singer, eagerly listening to his song!

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Well, that’s a shock.

For the singer, it was a performance of a lifetime. Yes, he was not able to draw human music lovers. But he was able to cross the human-animal barrier and attract kittens to him. It just shows that music is a universal language and every being can connect to it. But what’s more – it shows that the busker and his music is really powerful.

You will go ‘awwww’ when you look at how the kittens support the singer. It’s so cute. Just watch it and it will make your day.

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