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A Couple Proves That You Are Never Too Old To Dance!

Are you afraid of growing old and losing all your present energy and strength? Old age is a curse, I agree. But that’s not always the case, you know. You can work out and show that you can still be fun even in your old age.

All you need is a bit of hope, and the vitality displayed by this dance couple on the dance competition. It’s such a moving clip.

The couple begins!

The crowd cheers on the dance couple. The music of the 50s begin and the old man and old woman approach each other with a jolly nod. He holds her hand and then swings her around in circles back, to the front and to his sides.


This is one veteran dancer who knows what he’s doing. When she goes to his side, he just pulls her fast towards her, picks her up with that inertia, and places her on the floor as she folds her knees and bounces up back on her feet. The muscles on this guy! He’s going to really make some young man jealous about his buff.

And the music flows

It doesn’t tire the old man, no! He goes back to the first dance step, and then allows the lady to circle around him as he bends under her with each pass. She goes round and round the old man and he charmingly bends down for the woman.

She spirals back to her arm and goes around on his sides. The crowd cheers on. They are like the symbols of vitality. And at that age! The crowd claps on and there’s no stopping the dance partners once they have got the crowd on their side.


The old couple pumps with the energy of the room. They separate and face the crowd, dancing on their own a bit. It’s like a warm up before a few of the final steps. The old man flings his leg on either side while the woman comes around her side and accepts his advanced hand. They change places on all sides, and then the woman comes to the right of her partner. They dance like veterans.

And then the fun begins….

The old man takes the woman by her shoulder and starts turning her. All in one hand! He spirals her around and makes her come close to him and then, with one hand, he bends her straight like a table. She bounces back up and drops to the ground with one extended leg as her partner supports her from behind.

Arthritis has no shot on these young guys. They are as young as collegegoers. They turn and let the music flow through their body this time. No signs of exhaustion for these young people. The lady goes around the man, and she spins her around a bit. They go in for a little train dance at the end to please the crowd.


The crowd joins in with a repeated ‘Hey’ to egg the couple on. They go back to the centre and go in for a quick spin. But that’s the end of it. They stop and the magic ends. They bow and remove the spell from the floor.

There’s no shame in dancing. And when you are old, it should be your motto! This couple shows there’s no end to vitality. Get crazy whenever the time comes. And above all, Dance!

Watch The Full Performance Here :



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