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A Barge Used For Scooping 50 Tons Of Plastic Waste From Rivers Can Be An Answer To Our Plastic Pollution Problems

Plastic pollution is a menace and it is contaminating our world from every corner imaginable. We may not have realized that plastic would become such a toxic material in our daily lives when plastic was first invented. No one could deny the contribution of plastic in our lives – it has made life easier and it has made several commodities like mobile phones and computers cheaper. But plastic pollution is real and we need to find ways to stop it from contaminating the world.

Due to plastic pollution, marine life is suffering the most. It is not very uncommon these days to find whales beached on some shore. When they are cut open for a post-mortem, loads of plastic pour out of their stomach. Plastic pollution is also contaminating the land in the form of landfills but the effect of it on marine animals is more visible. It seems as if plastic might kill off all the majestic marine animals if they are not taken care of.

plastic pollution

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One of the ways to cure the oceans of plastic pollution is by removing plastic from the oceans. But that is not enough. We also need to stop plastic trash from being introduced in the ocean too. After all, if more plastic trash gets dumped in the ocean, then it makes no sense to clean up the oceans in the first place.

Well, we are in luck. A non-profit called The Ocean Cleanup is taking the responsibility of trying to fight plastic pollution by not letting any kind of plastic to get introduced in the ocean in the first place. For this solution, the company has introduced a solar-powered barge in their system which they have named as the ‘Interceptor’. It is about 78 feet or about 24 meters in length. The vessel almost looks like a huge houseboat and it makes use of a curved barrier to stop any waste from floating downstream. The plastic trash is then directed towards the Mouth of this barge, which rolls into a conveyor belt and drops the trash in its right place – the dumpster. The Interceptor seems to collect about fifty tons of waste in a day.

The Interceptor can be found in Malaysia, silently scooping up the trash in the Klang River. The Klang has over 15,000 tons of plastic and has been referred to as one of the 50 most polluting rivers in the world. Along with Malaysia, similar boats have been deployed in Jakarta, and two will be sent off to the Dominican Republic and Vietnam.


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The project, Ocean Cleanup, understand how plastic pollution works. They know that around 80% of the plastic waste enters the sea after floating down the thousand rivers all across the globe. The non-profit organization is thus trying to reach the ambitious goal of having one such trash-collecting barge in every waterway.

Hopefully, plastic pollution will get the cure now.

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