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3D Hemp Homes From Australia Can Revolutionize The Building Industry And Positively Impact The Environment

There is a green revolution around the corner. This green revolution is focused on 3D printed buildings and hemp homes. Panels of hemp are the latest building-bricks in Australia.

This is the brainchild of an Australian enterprise that has decided to unfurl their plans of building 3D-printed hemp homes. They would use a new technology that can potentially change the way buildings are built for commercial and residential purposes.

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Mirreco, the innovative company, has decided to use the hemp industry as its face. They believe that their product would be extremely suitable amidst the climate change crisis that we are facing. In fact, they think that their plan is even going to avert the global warming situation.

They have already manufactured carbon hemp panels that can be 3D printed onto roofs and walls. These plants are perfect for efficient absorption of carbon dioxide whilst also being super easy to use. They are environment-friendly and structurally quite sound. The company believes hemp panels are better than usual building materials due to their comparatively superior thermal performance.

This Aussie company has already released its first conceptual model, collaborating with an architectural firm based in Perth, Arcforms. Mirreco confers that the hemp homes are going to be made entirely of hemp biomass, whilst the windows would use the latest state of the art technology. This technology would allow them to convert sunlight into electricity.

Bosrijk, a town in the Netherlands near Eindhoven, has been recently declared to be the first site for the completely inhabitable 3D printed hemp homes. The concept is called Project Milestone and involves 5 sustainable, solidly built houses which expect owners within the next year itself.


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The entire project has been forwarded by the Eindhoven University of Technology. The developers working for Built Environment consider this to be a game-changer in the field of simulated 3D building.

Interestingly, 3D printing is usually used for constructing products that aren’t constructed manually. Also, they are produced in large amounts. Here the product is custom made specifically. They are created by a robot that mechanically puts down layers and layers of concrete. And the waste is minimal too.

The spokesperson for the consortium has mentioned that the company’s main focus is on the users. They want to create something that would not only be feasible but also comfortable for the people actually living in the hemp-panel homes.


So, what do you think? Do you want to live in such a house? After all, the developers believe that they are not compromising on comfort. So, that won’t be a hassle for you.

Images: Mirreco


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