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27 Amazing Embroidery Tattoo You Must See

Tattoos can express the hidden things of one’s personality. Each one of them is beautiful on its own. Sometimes, it has deep symbolical meanings. Some tattoo artists are behind the concept of amazingly drawn tattoos. There are a lot of types when we come to tattoos. Today we will show you the best 27 embroidery tattoo images. Here is a list, have a look:

1. Hybrid style:

Have a look at this beautifully drawn hybrid tattoo of Mickey Mouse and Strom Trooper. Creative fusion at its best.

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2. Made of cartoon characters:

This ‘Rick and Morty’ tattoo has a 3D effect. The embroidery style is adding elegance to it.

3. Simply beautiful:

What is simple is not always easy to make. This tattooed flower is indeed simple and adding beauty on this hand.


4. Rock and Roll tongue:

This one brings back the golden memories of old rock and roll music. The 3D piercing is adding a special effect to it.

5. Beautiful patterns:

This one looks smaller but it needs the utmost attention of the artist. This pattern looks beautiful.


6. Vintage cartoon:

Remember her? This is Olive Oyl from ‘Popeye – the sailor man’. Surely this person loves the character of Olive. It successfully restored memories of our childhood.

7. Looks like a Patch:

This tattoo creates an illusion for the viewers. The artist used the 3D effect perfectly to make it look like a patch.


8. Minions are love:

These tiny cartoons were a hit in cinemas. Everybody loved them. This one is a fusion of Dragon Ball Z and Minions. Mind-blowing concept.

9. Creative heart:

This one turned half of a heart into a flower garden. It is indeed a creative crafting.


10. Detailed Tattoo:

This one has the best color combination and remarkable details. It looks perfect.

11. Embroidered rose:

This rose pattern is just beautiful. The embroidery style makes it more special.


12. Courage the cowardly dog:

Remember this show on Cartoon Network? This dog was the most intelligent creature on that show. His smile makes him look cute everywhere, even here too.

13. So Realistic:

Looks like pulp fiction? Yes, they are Vincent and Jules. The artist made it so realistic. Kudos to him.


14. Color craft:

Wonderful design with perfectly used colors. Wide and creative design.

15. New ideas:

This sewing machine tattoo may have significant meaning for the person. It can be a branding as well. Who knows? Everyone will feel curious about it.


16. Another rose:

This rose pattern tattoo is simple, and this makes it beautiful.

17. Simple Butterfly:

Often, we find butterflies in very complicated tattoos. But this one is simple and nice.


18. Smiling Goofy:

Goofy needs no introduction at all. He is the popular dog from Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. This embroidery tattoo can make anyone cheerful.

19. Clever one:

Just look at this one. A skull hand is stitching designs. Amazing idea and awesome execution.


20. Hummingbirds:

These colorful hummingbirds are another example of using perfect colors. Again, wide and perfect.

21. Best embroidered rose tattoo:

This one looks like a pixelated rose and the color choice is magnificent.


22. Simpsons Homer:

Tattoos with popular characters in it are already popular. Simpsons’ homer made it attractive.

23. Chain of roses:

It is another rose tattoo, but this one is made of more roses. And the embroidered pattern made it look elegant.


24. Bird:

The colors used here are notably great. It looks like a real bird.

25. Another cartoon:

Animated movie character tattoos are best and popular. This one is no exception.


26. Big beautiful bold:

This tattoo is huge. It has flourished all its beauty in this size. Perfect choice.

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27. Realistic Bird:

Full of colors and realistic. This bird tattoo is beautiful.


Planning to get your own embroidery tattoo now?



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